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payment is required, but the prices are negociable to what you can afford. I mostly do OCs, they’re my specialty. Eventually, I’ll make bigger things for prints and sell them off on Deviant Art. 

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Hey planning on making a Game of Thrones RP forum, looking for members/admins.


I haven’t figured out everything, but I can’t run things by myself. 

I need

— Moderator 

— Someone to read applications

— advertiser 

— and possibly a co admin that could help me decide on a plot, because i cant LOL


- make a cross over fanfiction with these options. 
- you’re allowed do-overs if you aren’t part of the fandom that you clicked and dragged on. 
- then fill out the blanks in the pre-made summary below
- or if you’re feeling creative, you can make up your own summary!
- PLEASE NOTE: that some browser will only drag out the first image of the gif. try a couple of times to see if you get the same thing. If that’s the case, try using a different browser if you have one. 

(fandoms include: harry potter, hunger games, doctor who, the dark knight trilogy, avengers, twilight, supernatural, once upon a time, true blood, vampire diaries, game of thrones, chronicles of narnia, adventure time, lord of the rings, and avatar (tla, and lok) )

[insert main character] finds him/her self in the world of [universe. if it is their own world, then reword it], where he/she meets [name of companion]. Together, they meet [mentor], and [the ally], who help them try to defeat [villain name] with [main character's] [weapon reword if it doesn't sound right]. Problems arise when [main character] falls in love with [falls in love with], making the journey all the more difficult. [CHARACTER NAME/LOVER NAME] pairing. WARNING: [tragic death] DEATH. 

Tyrion Lannister finds himself in the world of Middle Earth, where he meets a fellow dwarf named Gimli. Together, they meet John Winchester, and Luna Lovegood, who help them try to defeat The Eye of Sauron with Tyrion’s Crystal Sword. Problems arise when Tyrion falls in love with Natalia Romanova, aka the Black Widow, making the journey all the more difficult. Tyrion/Natalia pairing. WARNING: HERO DEATH.

Ron Weasley finds himself driving all around America, where he meets a grumpy man named Leroy. Together, they meet Maester Luwin, and the dwarf Trumpkin, who help them try to defeat Bane with Ron’s sword named Sting. Problems arise when Ron falls in love with Prince Caspian, making the journey all the more difficult. Ron Weasley/Prince Caspain pairing. WARNING: GRANDPARENT DEATH.


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Name and url?

Pronounce these words:

  • Westeros, 
  • Vaes Dothrak,
  • Viserys, 
  • Stark,
  • Lannister,
  • Baratheon,
  • Deepwood Motte,
  • Winter,
  • Arya, 
  • Catelyn, 
  • Yunkai, 
  • Sigil,
  • Khaleesi,
  • Viserion,
  • Drogon,
  • Rhaegal,
  • Daenerys,
  • Aerys, 
  • Edric,
  • Myrcella,
  • Arianne Martell,
  • Melisandre, 
  • Valar Morghulis, 
  • Valar Dohaeris,
  • Braavos,
  • Balon,
  • Hizdahr zo Loraq,
  • Arakh, 
  • Dolorous Edd,
  • Lysa, 
  • Roose,
  • Beric Dondarrion,
  • R’hllor, 
  • Harrenhal, 
  • Gregor Clegane,
  • Jaqen H’ghar, 
  • Meereen, 
  • Maester, 
  • Jeyne, 
  • Hodor, 
  • Skahazadan

Which house are you from?

Which of the 5 kings (Robb, Renly, Joffrey, Balon, Stannis) do you fight for?

Favorite Character?

Favorite Book?

Favorite Sigil and Words?

North, South or across the Narrow Sea?

Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne in the end?

Shaggydog, Greywind, Summer, Lady, Nymeria or Ghost?

Would you join the Nights Watch?

Most hated character?

Khaleesi or Queen?

Dragons or Direwolves?

Which god(s) do you pray to?

Then finish with your favourite line from the series.

did i post this here before? this is me. 

cloudstorm101-deactivated201210 ASKED: I just want to say, that I love that I now know I am not the only person who spends time on doll makers making game of thrones girls. I no longer feel alone.

LOL don’t feel alone! There’s lots of people who do it!

That’s why there are so many sites of it 

                                WALT DISNEY PRESENTS:
                                             A  C L A S H  O F  Q U E E N S 

A Disney Epic setting in the magical world of Westeros. A young Princess Sansa is held up in the highest tower of the largest castle, trapped by the Evil Queen Cersei of The South. Sansa’s sister, Princess Arya, managed to get away from the Evil Queen’s grasp, and now is currently lost in the wilderness with her side kicks, the chubby Comedian Hot Pie, and the stubborn Blacksmith, Gendry. However, the young princesses aren’t forgotten, as their mother, Queen Catelyn of The North, is traveling battle grounds and lands to save her daughters, along with the young female warrior, Ser Brienne, who chose to fight by Queen Catelyn’s side to avenge her lost love against the Evil Red Witch Melisandre. 

However, not all is bad for Princess Sansa, as she has now acquired a beautiful Fairy God Mother, named Margaery, who has disguised herself as a Maiden in the Evil Queen’s castle. With the help of The Queen of Thorns, Margaery intends to free Princess Sansa and marry her to the humble Prince of Roses, Willas. 

However, while that ensues, more trouble stirs in the farthest reaches of this kingdom. In the depths of the sea, creatures stir and armies of sharks and Krakens are rumoured to be taking over the western shores, and even some reaching the north. Osha, the Kraken Princess of the Sea has the intention of taking what she believes is rightfully her father’s by force, without the help of her hopeless younger brother. 

With water comes fire, and a larger threat than the ocean. Across the seas a fire stirs as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne awakens from her slumber. Daenerys, the Dragon Queen, last of her line, gave birth to three dragons, and raising them to take back her land from the Evil Queen Cersei. However, her journey is a long and tiresome one, as she will experience three betrayals. One for blood, one for money, and one for love. 

While all these queens fight amongst each other, one crosses the icy tundras of the land of Forever Winter. A force that no one has seen in over a  thousand years. Winter comes when The Wight Queen does. 

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Doll Divine: Princess of GoT!
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